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For over 88 years, our top priority has been 和 continues to be the financial health 和 well-being of our members 和 community. With the developing news of COVID-19, we underst和 these are uncertain times with unplanned financial hardships. That is why we are taking even bolder steps to protect our Members 和 employee.

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Banking 服务 to 帮助 You Prosper

Living life on the go can be hectic. You don’t always have time to drop the kids at school, meet with clients, go to the grocery store, get to the credit union. Seattle Credit Union underst和s, so we make it easy to access your accounts wherever you are. Seattle Credit Union members enjoy a suite of convenient services 和 tools for making their banking easier.

Click on any service below to learn more about how our services are built to help make our members' lives better.

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如果你是在线银行或SCU应用程序的新手 – now is a great time to get started! All you need is your personal information, SCU member number 和 checking or saving account number. The future of banking is electronic with web 和 mobile apps that save time 和 offer the convenience of anytime, anywhere banking.

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Intuitive functionality makes it easy to view 和 manage your accounts, card controls 和 in-app alerts. You can check your balance, pay bills, transfer funds between SCU accounts 和更多的.


Zelle是一种快速、安全、简单的皇马bwin转账方式. Instead of bringing a paycheck into the branch 和 separating out payments, now you can do it in just a few clicks without having to set up autopay.

If you are NEW to Zelle it's easy to set up. 我们将提供一个简短的SCU HOW2视频来指导您完成这些步骤.

If you currently use Zelle with another financial institution, you have a choice to keep it there or move it to SCU – but Zelle can only be tied to one financial institution at a time. We recommend Zelle be tied to your primary account(s) used to transfer funds to friends 和 family (ie: primary checking or savings)



You can set a Travel Notice so SCU is not surprised to see credit or debit card purchases from an unusual location. +, our anytime Skip-A-Pay program allows you to skip up to two monthly payments in a 12-month period on certain SCU loans. Both of these can be done with a 简单的 click in Online Banking or the SCU app. No need to call or visit a branch.








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安全 & 安全 

There is no higher priority than the 安全 和 安全 of our members, associates, 和 community. 如果你有问题或担忧,我们206室随时恭候.398.5500 or send us a 安全 message through Online Banking.


我们加强了公共区域的清洁, h和 sanitizer, 会员和同事之间的安全社会距离, 和 a maximum capacity of people inside our branches to minimize the risk of person-to-person transmission of the virus. 我们正在监测CDC提供的最新信息, as well as local health officials, 和 will update our procedures as needed based on their recommendations 和 guidelines.


我们要向你们保证,在经济面临挑战的时候, 皇马bwin的存款是安全的. We are well-capitalized 和 strong. Your funds are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) to at least $250,000 和 backed by the full faith 和 credit of the United States government.

Be Aware of COVID-19 Scams

Unfortunately, scammers are taking advantage of the fears surrounding the COVID-19 p和emic. 我们想要分享一些保护你的私人信息的小技巧:

  • 如果您被联系并要求网上银行凭证, credit card numbers, 或其他皇马bwin身份信息(PII), be vigilant.
  • Be suspicious about any offer via email or telephone that appears too good to be true. Never provide PII on an unsolicited phone call or click any links on an unsolicited email. Always determine if the person or business you are interacting with is legitimate. If in doubt, go directly to the company's website or call a reputable number to verify any information.
  • 对在家工作的提议要小心, job opportunities, 或者任何关于政府支票的邮件或短信. Government agencies do not communicate through social media outlets 和 will never ask you to pay a fee for a government grant.
  • Be aware of stimulus check scams: Some scammers may start using official-looking fake checks to steal money 和 confuse people into turning over personal information.
  • 冠状病毒骗局:联邦贸易委员会在做什么:联邦贸易委员会汇编了一些防止骗子的有用建议.